Santa Cruz Winkowski Aquatic Night Power Ply Deck - 10"


The Aquatic Night 10" is the Erick Winkowski Pro Model Deck now coming in the new Powerply construction from Santa Cruz Skateboards. An awesome big old school shaped board for destroying deep pools and busting massive gaps. Winkowski is a transition wizard with old school style and balls to the wall power. A super nice shape with a big hammer head nose and slight front kick, crispy rocker, flared square tail and a 14.5" to 15" wheel base for control and stability at warp speed. Santa Cruz bringing back the old school curvaceous shapes with a vengeance. 

This is a pro quality skateboard deck constructed from traditional with 100% North American Maple with Santa Cruz Powerply technology. What's the deal with Powerply? Powerply technology features two black layers of reinforcement material in the nose and tail, replacing the crosser wood plies of a standard 7 ply deck and making the boards ultra chip resistant. 

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