Channel Islands Dane Reynolds 6' Comp Leash


Solid from the start but so thin you barely notice you're wearing a leggie, Channel Islands Dane Reynolds 6' Comp Leash is Dane's go to surfboard leash.

Channel Islands Surfboards precision swivel reduces tangles while the silicone gel padded ankle strap snugly and securely wraps around your ankle in comfort. Quick dry neoprene keeps you dry on cold days and the 3/16in. diameter cord is so thin, you hardly notice it's there.

Ever the traditionalist, Dane opts for the cylindrical cord (vs. CI's new hex leash construction). Dane Reynolds signature surfboard leash, the Channel Islands Surfboards Dane Reynolds Signature 6' Comp Leash, is a staple for any quiver.

  • Cylinder cord
  • Precision swivel
  • Internal key pocket
  • Quick dry neoprene
  • Silicone gel padding

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