Creature Russell Phantasm XV Deck 8.6"


The Phantasm VX 8.6" series is a Chris Russell pro model from Creature Skateboards. A classically pressed popsicle shape with additional VX reinforcement technology. VX decks feature 5-ply of premium North American Maple and an additional top and bottom ply of Quad X technology (fibreglass and carbon fibre composite). This composition provides a thinner, stronger deck and a longer-lasting 'new board feel'. Creature shaped this deck to a full blunted nose, round tail, straight rails, full concave and steep kicks - a great choice for park skaters that need extra leverage for popping high ollies and precision board feel.  


  • 5-Ply North American Maple
  • 2-Ply Quad X (woven fibreglass & carbon fiber)
  • Full Concave
  • Steep Kicks
  • Cghris Russell Pro Model
  • Prismatic Foil Art

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