Why Your Community Needs a Skatepark

Why Skateparks Benefit Communities


At Anchor Chief we are pro-skatepark building! You might be surprised at just how much a good skatepark can benefit a community. If you are arguing for or against a skatepark in your area, listen up because the benefits of a skatepark will outweigh the cost by a landslide!

 Safe Environment

If you are going to skate, it is much safer to skate at a park than anywhere else. The majority of skating accidents occur on the road or on crosswalks and sometimes involve automobiles, giving skating the bad reputation of an “unsafe sport”. Building a skatepark provides a safe, secluded and legal space to skate away from street traffic.

Injuries aside, parents are coming to appreciate skateparks because they offer a consistent and safe hangout spot for their kids. During the early teen years, many children come home to an empty house and are alone for a few hours after school before their parent(s) get home from work. The skatepark offers a safe place for recreation and socialization because let’s be honest, there are a lot of worse things a kid could be doing.


Why Build Skateparks


Physical Health Benefits

Skateboarding has the ability to keep you active and physically fit. It is hard to compete with the latest Xbox game, so be proud of your child if they found an activity they love that helps keep them off the couch. Especially if they are not interested in traditional organized sports.

Those who skateboard and stick with it learn the valuable lesson of perseverance. Whether it be a chilly fall day or a blisteringly hot summer afternoon, many are found outside pushing themselves and doing whatever it takes to land their latest trick. Skateboarding is a complicated sport and takes great patience and physical stamina.

Mental Health Benefits

Most people haven’t ever considered the mental health benefits of skating.

Skating is a creative extreme sport. Therefore, when a person is skateboarding, both sides of the brain become fully engaged in order to stay balanced while regulating the speed of the board. In return, brain function is improved and may also stimulate mental growth!

Unlike most organized sports, there is no coach at this kind of practice, helping reduce stress but also increase self-motivation! No one is forcing these kids to be out there, no parent is paying for anything more than a board, helmet, and pads. That is the most refreshing thing about it all. Next time you drive by a packed skatepark, take a step back and think about that for a second, everyone is there because they simply want to be!


Why build skateparks, Anchor Chief

Positive Economic Impact

First off, building a skatepark in your city proves to the community that the city is invested in the youth living there and supports their active lifestyles. Skateparks often attract kids from neighboring cities and even their parents who are likely to spend money while in the city.

Skateparks also have a positive economic impact on cities because they help eliminate boredom and as a result, the amount of trespassing and vandalism is usually decreased. Many areas have seen a reduction in crime since the installation of a skatepark! Skateparks require very little maintenance after being built and serve as a creative outlet for generations to enjoy.

Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk even started the Tony Hawk Foundation in order to support youth in low-income communities through the creation of skateparks.


Build skateparks!

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Don’t buy into the common misconceptions surrounding skate parks! The proof is in the pudding. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind when it comes to helping bring a skatepark to your community.

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