Why is Eco-Friendly Clothing Important?

In recent years, eco-friendly clothing brands have been dominating the market. We commend these brands for not being afraid to take action as they strive to save the world. At Anchor Chief we support these brands efforts to reduce their footprint, especially Wrangler!


Why is Eco-Friendly Clothing Important?

The great news is, eco-friendly clothing brands are making it easier for the rest of us to dress fashionably without harming the environment. Now to be eco-friendly you don’t have to dress in a recycled potato sack. We love the hippie vibes but are happy to see that eco-friendly clothing has outgrown its reputation and into a popular and more serious topic.

It is refreshing to see brands that care. When it comes to Wrangler, the motto is Tough Denim, Gentle Footprint.


Wrangler’s Respect

Wrangler starts with respect-- both for the planet and the people living on it. This respect plays a role in the decision weighing and clothing making process. Wrangler considers themselves to be stewards in the sustainable clothing realm. This brand doesn’t just check one thing off the list above but rather considers their impact from every angle, from the growing stages to production.

Wrangler’s Growth Approach

At a company such as this, the supply chain does not start with the refined cotton, but with the soil itself! Wrangler sustainability begins with soil health. For example, on-farm practices have proven to not only increase crop growth but also to improve the ecosystems around it. These practices adopted by Wrangler include no-till farming, covering crops, crop rotation and rotational grazing by livestock.

Wrangler is not only committed to their own cotton farming but also to cotton farmers everywhere. Partnering with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) in 2014 to improve global cotton production.


Wrangler Tracks Waste

When it comes to production, efficient use of materials and reducing the impact is the number one priority. Wrangler is responsibly made while tracking waster diversion rates in their facilities around the globe. Not many other companies can say they do this! The list goes on, this amazing company has reduced energy intensity, used safer chemicals, and has invested in water efficiency. Wrangler has successfully saved three billion liters of water since 2007 in production facilities!

Ok, the last thing we will say is, Wrangler puts the blue in blue jeans. But guess what? Natural indigo is back! In the early 20th century, Wrangler began to use synthetic indigo dye from petroleum but thanks to Stony Creek Colors, a natural dye company, Wrangler jeans are made with natural indigo dye once again.


Wrangler’s Innovative Style

Contrary to popular belief, Wrangler sells more than just awesome jeans. Popular products also include swimsuits, shirts, and coats!

Wranglers at Anchor Chief

Anchor Chief not only loves Wrangler clothing but the values of the company itself. Continue to support Wrangler along with Anchor Chief’s other eco-friendly brands including Birkenstocks, All About Eve, Banks and more!

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