What Do Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, and Rihanna All Have in Common?

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What do Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, and Rihanna all have in common? Well, besides being massively talented, kick-ass women, they each have incredible style. And while each of them has their own unique look that we have come to admire, they have ALL have been spotted on different occasions wearing Le Specs Sunglasses!

Ok... so maybe that isn’t the ONLY thing they have in common but it’s evidence enough for us that Le Specs are a HOT accessory and we all need some PRONTO!

Block out the haters and the UV’s year-round with the perfect celeb-inspired sunnies.

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Since 1979

Le Specs was founded in 1979 by the cosmetic company Australis. In the ’80s, Le Specs were booming but eventually were shelved by Australis until 2005 when the Australian eyewear distributor, Sunshades acquired the license for the name.

Today, Le Specs are recognized globally for producing iconic and fashionable sunglass collections sold at a reasonable price. Le Specs are currently available in 70 countries and are stocked in over 1,000 retailers globally. They are continuing to grow on their own as people all over the world are admiring their unique and funky designs, but a few huge name celebrity sightings sure don’t hurt!

As A-list celebrities keep repping these stunna shades, Le Specs continues to see a spike in sales as well as social media audience growth. Even if they’re not endorsing them directly, we all know how powerful social media influence has become.


Le Specs

The Brand

Le Specs philosophy is, “To ensure well-designed eyewear is accessible, we encourage people to love life, be happy and discover moments to escape the every day”.

We love this carefree and lighthearted mantra. Why wouldn’t you love life when Rihanna is digging your company. And let’s be honest, we’re on board with anything Rihanna wears! If channeling your inner celebrity helps you escape the every day, then we are in full support.

The blue, white and red logo is automatically recognizable. This brand commands attention, especially in Le Specs’ visually pleasing ad campaigns. At Anchor Chief, we commend the brand’s ability to continually produce classic lenses with a sleek and sophisticated attitude. It’s a tough market to stand out in, and they are crushing it.

These stylish sunnies are functional, trendy and safe, with 100% UV protection. Le Specs shades range from timeless lenses to daring looks with bright colors and cat-like lenses. They are constantly pushing eyewear boundaries attracting the ultimate trendsetters, but allowing us normal people to get in on the action with their affordability.

Le Specs Sunglasses Le Specs Sunglasses Le Specs Sunglasses

Le Specs Sold at Anchor Chief

Make Le Specs sunglasses your go-to accessory whether you’re in the city, at the beach or on the red carpet.

At Anchor Chief, we’ve got all kinds of fashion forward year-round sunnies for men and women. Whether you’re channeling your inner Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, Lady Gaga, or Rihanna, thank us later for getting you one step closer!

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