Top 13 & Under Surfers

Top Youth Surfers


Caution: You may become rather jealous of these top 13 and under surfers while reading this.

Don’t get discouraged if these little surfers are better than you! Trust us, it’s hard to stay mad when you see just how much fun they are having out there! At Anchor Chief, we just can’t help but smile.

The surfing world has many young and talented stars that have been surfing since they were little groms. What we find most inspiring about these water babies is how much they LOVE surfing and the ocean.

We are going to highlight 5 of them, Winter Vincent, Quincy Symonds, Sierra Kerr, Steve Roberson and Brayden Burch!

Winter Vincent (Age 13) | @winter_v

His name may be Winter but he is a boy of summer through and through. Winter grew up in Manly Beach, NSW, Australia. Winter has been surfing since age 4! In 2018 alone, Winter won 1st in the Kaos Cadet Pro Cup U/14 in Port Stephens, NSW, Australia and 1st in the Rip Curl GromSearch U/12 and then U/14 in South Australia.

Winter is not only a huge surfing phenom but also has a huge heart. At age 9 he launched a Surf to School Day. On this day, kids wear tropical beachwear to school and bring spare change to donate. This spare change goes directly to purchasing Waves for Water filter systems to provide clean water to people in Indonesia. Anyone can hop on Winter’s party wave and bringing Surf to School Day to their own school!

Surfer Girl

Quincy Symonds (Age 11) | @theflyingsquirrel_

Quincy, AKA The Flying Squirrel, is from Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia. Her nickname will become self-explanatory when you see her flying on the waves! Quincy is a girl with big dreams and determination. She even has multiple sponsors and is a YouTube hit!

Quincy is a tiny little thing, a bright student and might be the best surfer in her age group on the planet! Quincy was born with adrenal Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. This rare disorder affects the adrenal glands located at the top of each kidney. Quincy requires medical treatment often but she doesn’t let that stop her! Can you say inspiring?

Sierra Kerr (Age 12) | @sierrakerr

Sierra is the daughter of professional surfer Josh Kerr. This talented girl also started surfing at the age of 4 with her dad. Sierra was born in Australia but grew up in Carlsbad, California.

This girl is seriously rad. She is fearless, cute and even competes in skateboarding competitions. Be on the lookout for Sierra Kerr, we are confident you will be seeing a lot of her in the future.

Because Sierra knows how exhilarating her extreme sports are, she encourages other girls her age to join the fun!

Surfer Boys

Steve Roberson (Age 10) | @robersonbrothers

Little Steve became a YouTube sensation when at age 4 he became the youngest surfer ever to surf Honolua Bay. The world has been watching him ever since. But yes, he started surfing even before that! At age 2! In his home island of Maui, HI.

Steve is all about breaking world records. Just this past year, he became the youngest person ever to surf the legendary Jaws Surf Break.

Steve and his brothers alike have the full support of their dad, pro surfer Kaleo Roberson.

Brayden Burch (Age 13)

Brayden stems from San Clemente, CA and has been tearing it up there for years! In 2018 Brayden won both of the Western Surfing Association contests and has gained multiple brand sponsorships. Last year he was featured on San Clemente’s Grom of the Week!

Brayden has a passion for traveling and meeting new people. He is confident that a few world titles are on the horizon.




 Grom Squad

What is a grom? A grom, short for grommet, is a slang term used in surf and skate culture to describe a young surfer or beach bum. But, groms don’t just like surfing, they love it with all of their little fearless hearts! These kids find joy in extreme sports, living carefree and being awesome.

We at Anchor Chief are way inspired by these young surfers and their passion and dedication to the sport! If your little one is getting in on the action already, make sure they have everything they need to shred. From wetsuits to leashes and beach accessories, Anchor Chief Kid’s Gear has everything you could need to get them started. Your little grom will be dropping in left and right with the coolest surf gear around!


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