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Doc Martens


Big news mates! Anchor Chief now has Dr. Martens on the market! Needless to say, we are stoked. Dr. Martens pumps out incredibly comfortable and durable boots that can seriously withstand the test of time.

Boots with such a rich history as this have been worn by basically everyone from skinheads to Pope John Paul II. Yup, you heard it! The Pope ordered himself a customized pair of white Dr. Marten boots. Truly legendary.

Let’s talk about how Doc’s became a thing, how to wear them and how to break them in!

Dr. Klaus Maertens

Picture this, it’s 1945 in Munich Germany, post-war. A 25-year-old-soldier named Dr. Klaus Maertens is healing from a broken foot and in the process creates a cushioned sole to aid his recovery. This sort of sole was extremely unique for the times, up until this point the traditional shoe sole was a hard leather one. Hence the name, “Dr. Martens.” From there, he partnered up with a friend and things began to take off.

By the 1960s the Dr. Marten, eight-holed boot was born. Originally the boot was created to be the ultimate work boot, often sold in large quantities to the working class. But then something wild happened, musician Pete Townshend became the first high profile person to wear Doc’s. Shortly after, Doc’s were adopted by the British youth culture. The boot became a symbol of self-expression throughout the punk decade, promoting a rebellious attitude.

Dr. Martens attributes their success to music and the musicians that have riotously repped Doc’s from the beginning. To this day, Dr. Marten continues to produce awesome boots that can be worn with pretty much anything.


Doc Martens

 How to Wear Dr. Martens

Like we said, Doc’s symbolize self-expression! So keep that in mind when you are putting an outfit together. The key is not to stress. There are really no rules when it comes to wearing your Dr. Martens!

Pair your new shoes with jeans, shorts, a sundress or a fancier dress! How about overalls, coveralls or a romper? The only rule is, be confident and be comfortable.

In 2019, we have more styles of docs to choose from than ever. Many call these shoes, “boldly versatile,” bringing in a strong, leather look to every wardrobe.


Doc Martens

How to Break In Your New Docs

Don’t think we are lying when we say these boots are seriously comfortable! But like most leather shoes they have to be broken in. It’s not a bad thing at all. It’s the strong, sturdy leather that helps these boots last forever.
Here are some simple tips to help you speed up the breaking-in process:

-Wear thick socks.
-Wear your boots around the house.
-If necessary, purchase an anti-blister stick, it’s basically a liquid bandaid.
-Possibly apply a softening agent to the boots!
-A boot stretcher can help while you’re not wearing them.

    The main message is, do whatever you need to, to get these guys broken in. Trust us, it’s worth it.

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