Skateboard or Cruiser Skateboards: Which Will Make The Perfect Gift?

cruiser skateboards

Skateboarding is an incredible sport, and we know firsthand how exciting skating essentials can be as gifts for the holiday. However, when shopping for anyone from an aspiring skater to a 10 year pro, if you don’t know the basics yourself, it can be quite overwhelming.

Hearing the terms skateboard, cruiser skateboard, longboard, penny board… and feeling massively confused? Just wanting to give the gift of a board with wheels to someone who may or may not know a lot more about them than you?

We’re here to help.

With this simple guide, we will explain the differences between skateboards as you know them, and cruiser skateboards, so that you can have a better idea of which to gift this season! We’ve got the perfect skating gift suggestions for people of all ages and abilities.

*Cue a deep sigh of relief*

So let’s start from the beginning:



You already know what these are, you just didn’t realize there were so many different kinds! A classic skateboard can provide endless enjoyment for the new or experienced skater. Skateboards are designed for tricks, first and foremost. I’m sure you’ve heard of and seen skaters doing ollies and flips over anything they can find, or grinding across ledges and handrails. This is typical skateboarding.

Skateboards usually have the same general shape and size, use the same kind of trucks (connect the wheels to the deck), and use small, hard wheels. For this reason, they are mainly used on hard ground and skateparks, and are not meant for long commutes or casual cruising.

Don’t let the tricks scare you away from buying a skateboard for someone in your life. It’s a great investment that can foster a new sense of dedication for years to come. Skateboarding encourages an active lifestyle, and the mentality that you have to keep failing until you succeed.

A classic skateboard is the perfect gift for someone who likes to work at something and may be open to a new hobby.

So if you’re looking for skateboarding gifts, you have 2 options:

  • Buy a Complete Set

  • For the new skater, we suggest gifting a complete set. This includes everything you need to get into skateboarding. Aka, you don’t have to purchase everything separately, or worry about having the tools to assemble it yourself. Save those for next year when your skateboarder is feeling like a pro. Completes come with a deck, trucks, wheels, and a whole lot of stoke for the new beginner boarder.

    If you’re looking for a few additional items to go with it, don’t forget a helmet and maybe some knee pads!

  • Buy Individual Skate Pieces

  • If you’re gifting to someone who has been around the block once or twice on their skateboard, you can venture to guess that they’re already excited about amping up their gear. They probably don’t need a complete, but could benefit from some new hardware, wheels, or even a new deck.

    When buying individual pieces for a skater, make sure to do your research. Decks come in different sizes, and skateboarders can be pretty particular about trucks and wheels they like. But if you do your due diligence, new equipment can get any skater re-amped about their sport.

    Decks:                                               Trucks:                                                Wheels:

    skateboard deck





    Cruiser Skateboards

    cruiser skateboards


    Now we’re on to the one you didn’t know existed. Cruisers are important to talk about because they make a great gift for those that aren’t looking to become the next Tony Hawk, but like the idea of skating around town.

    Cruisers come in all shapes and sizes but are generally differentiated from skateboards by their larger and softer wheels made for rolling around, rather than hard tricks and skateparks. They are not to be confused with longboards, which are...duh, longer, and better for more aggressive styles of skating like downhill or freeriding.

    Cruiser skateboards are perfect for the chill person who loves to be outside and isn’t necessarily looking for a new hobby, but rather a convenient and cool way to get to the beach or their friends house. It’s easier to learn than skateboarding, and can be a perfect gift for even someone who had never thought they needed one! This will make you seem like a real impressive and creative gift-giver.

    If the person you’re shopping for this season seems more like the cruiser type, check these out:

    cruiser skateboards womencruiser skateboards dark woodcruiser skateboards wooden

    Whether you’re looking for an individual piece of gear for the skating pro in your life, or looking for a great gift for even the most beginner boarder, we’ve got plenty of options at Anchor Chief. From crazy cool donut bearings to sleek and simple deck designs, we’ve got the ultimate holiday gift for a skater of any level.

    Now that you know the difference between cruiser skateboards, and regular ones, which are you going to gift this year??

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