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Since 2006 there have been over 15 scientific studies published emphasizing the connection between permanent magnets and their deterring effects on sharks. Skarkbanz has been able to embody this science and research and create the band that it is today.

Many people avoid the ocean at all costs because of sharks, but for ocean lovers like us, that is not an option. Being in the ocean almost every day and often alone can allow some fear to creep in. Most would agree that because the ocean is so vast and often murky there is no harm in a little peace of mind!

In 2015 the first version of Sharkbanz was released. Today, Sharkbanz continues to improve its life-saving product, releasing Sharkbanz 2.0. Seriously though, no joke people, study the research for yourself, we are firm believers that this technology works!

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What Are Sharkbanz For?

The goal of Sharkbanz is to reduce the risk. The risk of people being harmed by sharks while enjoying the ocean. Sharkbanz are made for anyone that is spending time in the ocean. Whether you are on vacation or living on the coast, Sharkbanz are for the seven seas. This product is designed for preventing common shark attacks found in shallow coastal waters. Put simply, Sharkbanz offers protection from sharks (some have seen these work for stingrays too) for men, women, and children. To use, simply strap on the band to either a wrist or an ankle!

Sharkbanz on surfers ankle


How do Sharkbanz Work?

Sharkbanz uses magnetic technology to ward off hungry sharks. After thorough research and testing, Sharkbanz has been able to create a waterproof bracelet containing powerful permanent magnets to create a shark deterrent. When a shark approaches, they are able to feel the strong electromagnetic field which is a sensation thousands of times stronger than anything they have felt in their normal food chain.

The magnetic field emitted from the band does not hurt the shark in any way but the unfamiliar feeling will make the shark turn around abruptly, making it possible for them and us to both live safely in the salt water!

Check Out The Sharkbanz Science Video Here!

How To Use Sharkbanz?

Clipping one Sharkbanz to your person will provide an increase in protection, or you could even double up with one on the wrist and one on the ankle for added strength. If you are completely terrified of sharks, attach a band to every limb, and practically become one of the Incredibles with that force field! You do not need to be moving but the electromagnetic field will increase with your movement.

The range of Sharkbanz are typically 1-2 meters but the feeling will become more intense for the shark the closer it gets to you. Another miraculous thing about it is the band does not need to be underwater to ward off sharks, so strap one on next time you’re paddleboarding or kayaking!

Lastly, Sharkbanz require no charging because they have no batteries. Sharkbanz come in a magnetically shielded box for safe storage. And don’t worry about bringing Sharkbanz on the airplane, they are TSA approved and airline travel-friendly.  

sharkbanz underwater

Explore The Ocean With Confidence

Charlize Everitt, a competitive surfer saw his Sharkbanz in action while surfing at Boomerang Beach, NSW (AU). Everitt explains he was out surfing when a Bull Shark began to swim towards him and a group of surfers. He goes on to say, “It got quite close to me, but then it spun around and shot off like a rocket. I love my Sharkbanz and I never go in the ocean without it!”

Sharkbanz 2.0 at Anchor Chief

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