Say Goodbye to Risky Towel Changing

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If you’re a surfer, one of your most embarrassing moments most likely came from towel changing gone wrong. While wiggling out of your wetsuit, even the slightest breeze might blow your towel right off! Say goodbye to risky towel changing and hello to the new towel poncho trend.

The Towel Poncho

This accessory has quickly become a necessity. The towel poncho is the perfect gift for any ocean lover. You won’t know just how handy this thing is until you try it! Towel Ponchos are basically a glorified robe for wetsuit users or anyone that needs a speedy towel change really! Whether that be while camping, at festivals or heading straight to work after a killer surf sesh.

Current towel Poncho users can attest they truly can’t believe how much they use it after purchasing. The fad is spreading from coast to coast as these towels are popping up in parking lots everywhere.

people in towels on the beach

How To Towel Poncho

The towel poncho is simple. Instead of wrapping your towel around your waist and hoping it stays fastened, simply place the towel poncho over yourself. For example, if you are taking off a wetsuit you would unzip the top half and then place the poncho on yourself, from there, slide off your wetsuit, dry off and then put your swim trunks back on.

This product will prove to be especially useful come the colder months when you are trying to change as fast as possible and get into the warm car. Or when it is chilly outside and you are trying to talk yourself into getting out of your car!

Regardless of the season, towel changing is much more manageable and less intimidating with a towel poncho. Some poncho believers say it also doubles as their jacuzzi towel.

Anchor Chief’s Adult Towel Poncho

adult towel poncho


Anchor Chief’s change ponchos come with a hood for extra warmth and to help dry off your hair faster! They are constructed with microfiber fabric, allowing them to absorb about 7 times their weight in water! Microfiber is extremely absorbent and dries quickly. Not only is this poncho absorbent, but machine washable too.

Anchor Chief’s Kids Poncho

 father and son in towel panchos


Parents are full supporters of Anchor Chief kid's towel ponchos as well. Help your child be more self-sufficient by hooking them up with one of these. Any child could slip this on and change themselves. No longer do they need an adult or two or three there to form a towel shield perfectly around them.

Your little grom can be like one of the big kids in the new Avalon towel poncho. This look is ideal for ages 5-10 but has some definite wiggle room. This poncho is stonewashed and made from 100% natural cotton. Also, this towel is hand-loomed, giving it amazing durability and quality to last for years of beach days.

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