Panda Surfboards - New Addition To The Store!

We're very stoked to announce that we've teamed up with Panda Surfboards to get some of their awesome boards in-store! Super frothy shapes and strong durable design, these boards are an amazing ride. Have a gander below to read about Panda, and the boards we'll be carrying into the shop, and down to the surf 😉


The mastermind behind Panda

The man behind Panda Surfboards is none other than Sydney-sider Blake Peters. 

Born and raised on the Northern Beaches of Sydney; Blake learnt his craft from the mass of local, talented shapers he grew up admiring - and is now part of the new generation of foam-mowers who are making successful in-roads on a global level. Constant reviewing of new technology and then taking full advantage of it, to create extremely accurate designs (whilst pushing and testing the limits of board function) is what drives PANDA forward as a highly adaptable company. It's about looking to the future, whilst always appreciating heritage. Riding a Panda allows you to open your mind.

What you can find in-store

We're proper frothing to get our hands on some Panda boards, and we've picked our two favourites to start off with. You can find the Shiitake and Mid-Ranger joining our ranks, which are some of the best all-rounders you can get.

The Shiitake: 

A performance fish shape designed to be ridden from 6'0-7'0. This design came about from wanting to ride some longer boards and still keep some performance built into them and also wanting a shape bigger guys could also use and rip on. The Shiitake is flat enough in the front to get a good amount of glide while paddling combined with a healthy amount of concaved vee running out the tail to allow this board to stay very maneuverable. The Shiitake will excel best in waves from shoulder high plus. This board has been designed to work as a twinzer, twin, quad or thruster so take your pick.


The Mid-Ranger: The Mid Ranger is a midlength egg design ranging from 6'6-8'0. The board features a slight vee entry to single concave through to vee between the feet and flat out the tail. The vee in this board has a ballbearing effect alowing great pivot. This board is great as a single fin, single with sides or quad. Will work for surfers of all abilities and a broad variety of conditions.