Nixon Watches Collaborates with Craig Stecyk III: A Pioneer of Surf, Skate & Street Culture


Who is Craig Stecyk III:

If you’ve ever thought something about surf or skate culture was cool, Craig Stecyk III probably had his hand in it. For four decades now, he has been involved in continuing to shape both surf and skate ethos, as well as integrate the essentials of counterculture with incredible art through efforts such as film, writing, and art installations. But he’s done it all with a layer of ambiguity. He rarely comes into the spotlight, and leaves much to the imagination even when he does.

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Stecyk III grew up on the beaches and streets of LA, where he was quick to jump into both surf and skating worlds. He worked at a beach rental stand in exchange for keeping his surfboard closer to the water, and dug through trash cans for old converse to skate in. He was deeply embedded in a network of surf and skate pioneers at a young age, and quickly became involved himself.

Stecyk says he began participating in the artistic side simply because he was exposed to the resources. When asked how he became drawn to art, photography and writing, he said, “My father had been a documentarian during World War II. I grew up in a house with a darkroom, industrial tools, and cameras.”

So what exactly has he done?

Stecyk III co-founded Zephyr Surfboards and Skateboards, co-wrote the award winning documentary, Dogtown And Z-Boys, and has participated in over 300 art shows around the world.

He is now described as an artist, photographer, writer, filmmaker, and pioneer of skate, surf, and street cultures. His work has been recognized by people around the world. Some of his work (in the form of skateboards) is held permanently at the Smithsonian. He was asked to glyph on the outside of MOMA, and later to have his hand painted surfboards presented there. He also gifted Olympic commemorative surfboards at the Obama White House.

What we’re trying to say is: C.R. Stecyk III is a total badass.

Stecyk says he doesn’t refer to his work as art, but emphasizes his excitement to start every project with the spontaneity of having no idea how it will turn out. “It’s fun to have to make spontaneous decisions that matter,” he says. “To a certain extent it’s motivational. Especially if you’ve got a steep learning curve [ahead of you] – it inspires you to innovate if there are real consequences involved. Which is one of the reasons why surfing or skateboarding or riding motorcycles or going fast in vehicles – responsibly – is so inspiring.”


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What about his recent work?

Since Stecyk has become the well known influencer of skate and surf that we know today, he has continued to slowly come out of the shadows and collaborate more and more with influencers in these different worlds.

He has worked with Hurley, pioneering the Hurley Printing Press, as well as many collaborations on things like surfboard and graphic designs.

As air Jordans made their way into skate culture, Stecyk embraced the adoption and collaborated with Nike to come out with a Jordan 1 SB inspired by his "Northwest Passage" art gallery showing of the late 1980's, which incorporated bronze casting and spray paint.

He also teamed up with Vice for film work related to the release of these Nike shoes and other skate projects.

Stecyk also collaborated recently with two-time world surfing champion Carissa Moore to design a custom surfboard graphic.

Collaboration with Nixon:

In September of 2018, Stecyk III released a collaboration with Nixon on a limited edition watch and camera bag. The C.R. Stecyk III Limited Edition Descender has a uniquely designed Cerakote graffiti splattered case and caseback. The most exciting part about this collaboration: Only 100 were made and distributed worldwide. Talk about limited edition!

Nixon and Stecyk have long described themselves as mutual fans of each others’ brands. Stecyk was excited to collab with Nixon watches to create one of his own that would represent the everyday needs and aesthetics of both of their brands.

We especially love this collaboration because it bridges the gap we all want to live in, between street culture, art, and style.

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And finally...

In awe of C.R. Stecyk now? Us too.

We’ll just leave you with our favorite inspiring and relatable quote from Craig Stecyk III from a Nordstrom interview:

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