Less About the Podium and More About the Joy: The Critical Slide Society’s Lesson We Should All Be Embracing

Surfers legs as they're jumping into the ocean with their surfboards


Surfing is an activity loved by millions across the world. The feeling and community behind the sport are so contagious that the number of people taking to the water with a surfboard is growing daily. With more surfers out in the ocean, we want to take a minute to talk about the importance of continually finding joy in the sport. With any beloved sport, enjoyment can easily be overcome by competition. You work hard so many days out of the year that when it comes competition time, obviously you want to perform at your best. However, it's important that your competitive nature doesn't cause you to lose the feeling of why you started surfing in the first place. 

Here at Anchor Chief, we carry brands that help enable you to find more joy in your favorite activities. One of the brands that help us do this is The Critical Slide Society (TCSS). TCSS was founded by a couple of local Australian Surfers, who found their place on the surfboard. The founders, Jim Michelle, and Sam Coombes believed that surfing should be less about the podium and more about the joy of a deeply engaged surf life. The clothing designed by TCSS provides its owners with that same spirit, combining a joy for life and surfing. 


                 young man in grey TCSS hoodie with hood up Lower half of man wearing tan Slide Society board shorts in front of pink background Mans chest in a black Critial Slide Society Wetsuit Jacket with zipper up the front


TCSS takes a unique approach to beachy attire with their detail-oriented designs. They work with artists, photographers, designers, and surfers across the globe who share a similar inspiration. TCSS has everything from wetsuits to 5-panels available to outfit men in any scenario. Their effortless surfer vibe is perfect for an easy transition from a day in the water to a night out with friends. Most of all though, we love supporting companies whose mission aligns with ours: loving the activity, first and foremost. 

Man surfing a barrrel wave with the top half of his body covered by water

It would be good for all of us to follow The Critical Slide Society’s mantra. Go ahead and ask yourself, “is my primary focus on the joy of my favorite activities or just on winning?” The culture around sports can be vicious. We have all seen ways in which competition can negatively influence one's love and passion for surfing. Whether it's within our own competitive minds or against other athletes, its never a good feeling to know that the competition got the best of you. More than just a difficult and demanding sport that makes for incredible competition, surfing is a form of meditation, fitness, dance, and art! You should be finding joy in all these different aspects of surfing. Finding joy within the competition is not a bad thing, but looking for joy beyond the podium will continue to bring you a greater passion for surfing. Here are some simple tips to help you get there! 

  • -- Be careful when comparing your skill level against someone else's. Try to focus more on what you can do to reach personal goals that may or may not help you surpass your competitors and idols.
  • -- Recognize your improvement. Every once in a while, think back to the first couple times you got on a board and felt like you’d never be the kind of surfer you are today. Then begin to also acknowledge the improvement you’ve made in just the past month, week, or day. 
  • -- Surround yourself with others who are passionate and positive. Spending time in the water with other surfers of all levels will remind you to stay humble, but also hungry to continue to improve.
  • -- Increase mindfulness through meditation. Pick a day to surf because you love it and because it brings you peace and joy. Forget about daily goals or competitive energy for the day.
  • -- Stop worrying and stressing so much about being the best! If you keep pushing yourself, you will reach your goals. But take your time and remember why you’re there, to begin with!

    No matter what your favorite activity may be, we invite you to embrace a spirit of focusing less about the winner’s podium and more about the simple joy of the sport. This is what The Critical Slide Society has inspired us to do! 

    Check out more TCSS surfing gear and clothing on our site!

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