Jumpsuits, Playsuits & Rompers (Oh my!)

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Call them what you want, jumpsuits, playsuits or rompers! We don’t care because regardless, they are all fun and flirty little things that everyone needs in their summer closet.


We love the versatility of having a full outfit in one simple garment that can be taken straight off the beach and worn into town. Celebrities are often found dressing these up or down, but you don’t have to be famous to look effortless in one of these. No matter where you are headed, the right one will make you feel confident and fashion forward, because you are!


Travelling anywhere this season? You better believe these onesies are your new best friend because they act as an entire outfit but take up minimal space in your carry on! Whether you’re looking to throw one on over your swimsuit or show off those surf legs for a night out, these one piece looks are perfect for you.


So we’ve got jumpsuits, playsuits and rompers! What’s the difference you may be asking yourself? Don’t let the names stress you out, that’s not what’s important. We are here to show you the cutest of each and help you decide which suits you best.


Rompers for Women


The romper is a style made classic in the last couple years. It’s simply a dress-- but with shorts at the bottom! Rompers generally fit more loosely around the waist. Spice up your romper with a hat, scarf or belt. Your romper might just become a real outfit saver when you’re crunched for time.


women's green romper women's bone sleeveless romper


Playsuits for Women


Playsuits are very similar to rompers, just with a more fun name! Playsuits are just what they sound like, a sporty play outfit that helps you to not take yourself too seriously. Are there often overlaps between rompers and jumpsuits you’re wondering? Shhh… don’t sweat the details! These onesies are guaranteed to keep you cool in hot weather. Most importantly, they’re fun and flirty, just like you.


women's anchor chief floral jumpsuit women's red playsuit


Checkout more of Anchor Chief’s versatile playsuits to create your effortless summer look that will inspire you to get moving!


Jumpsuits for Women


Jumpsuits for women generally have a longer pant length than rompers or playsuits hitting about where capris or pants might. That’s the only difference-- they’re full-length! These jumpsuits for example are comfortable, lightweight, and perfect for a concert or lazy day at home.


women's linen jumpsuit   women's flowy jumpsuitwomen's tan jumpsuit 


Jumpsuits are great because they are ultra comfortable but can fit any sort of look that you’re going for. It is really up to you whether you want to go more form fitting and edgy, or loose and care-free. Take this into consideration when choosing a size!

Oh and pro-tip: the right jumpsuit and fit is perfect for that late summer wedding.


Do they make these looks for kids, you ask??




Suitable For The Girls


Get your mini me something chic too and they will love you forever. Jumpsuits and playsuits are suitable for the girls too! These playful numbers make getting dressed enjoyable (and oh, so easy).


girl's printed playsuit  girls jean jumpsuitgirls tropics playsuit 


Did Someone Say BABY Rompers?!


pink baby romper baby boy romper


For anyone that first associated rompers with babies, look how cute these little baby people are in them. Your baby will be thanking you later for this liberating and easy outfit.




With the practicality of a short, but the femininity of a dress it’s no mystery why these onesies have earned their fame. Check out Anchor Chief for these adorable styles and heaps more! Treat yourself to the most useful item of clothing you could get yourself this summer!