Women's Denim Shorts Guide by Summer Activity

Womens Denim Shorts

Ahhhhh…. Denim shorts. Our very favorite classic summer staple. But as popular as they are, the perfect jean shorts are often surprisingly hard to find! There are so many different styles of denim shorts that all look, feel, and interact with your favorite activities differently.

Factors like versatility, wash, and trendiness, all impact whether a new pair of shorts will fit into your lifestyle well and fill the gaps of your current wardrobe.

So how do you find the right denim shorts?

What better way than to see which shorts your closet is missing than to look at the best pair for each of your favorite summer activities....

So let’s get right to it!

For the Concert-Chick:

Don’t try to tell me that live music isn’t one of the best parts about summer. Good vibes and lawn seats are hard to beat, and there’s nothing we love more than picking out the perfect outfit to match the feel of the music.

Because every concert is different, the perfect shorts can depend on your prerogative. If you’re more of a sit down and chill concert-goer, you’ll want some more comfortable denim that doesn’t ride up or distract you from the tunes.

However, for most of us, concerts are the perfect time to go for a more exciting look. Whether it’s a low key concert, or a full-blown festival, music inspires some incredible fashion. This is the time when you can get away with your denim shorts being a little shorter, a tad more colorful, or a bit more distressed than usual.

Try something like these:

Womens Denim Shorts YellowWomens Denim Shorts Black

For the Beach Babe:

Sun’s out, bums out, am I right? We’re thinking cheeky for this perfect short. All it’s doing is covering a bathing suit anyway!

The perfect beach short is light wash and not too thick for the hottest days in the sand. Maybe even go for a white denim to match with the rest of your light and airy summer look.

The most important part of choosing a beachy denim short, is making sure its simple enough to match with or without a shirt. It’s got to go with both a flowy tank, and your favorite bikini top.

Here are our favorites:

Beachy Jean Shortswhite jean shorts

For the Ollie Aussie:

She said she’s a sk8r girl, and we said, “I love her shorts!”

Now I know that denim shorts aren’t always the move for skateboarding... but come on, it’s summer! You know you’ll find yourself skating to grab ice cream or hangout with a friend. And you’re going to look damn good doing it!

The best denim shorts for this gal are a bit longer and easier to move in. They pair perfectly with your go-to graphic tee, and make you look cool without having to try.

Make sure you find a pair that move well enough to show off a few tricks in. You never know when you’ll need to impress...

How dope are these:

Womens denim shorts

For the Hostess With the Mostess:

Planning an event this season?

Whether its a BBQ, pool party, or yacht extravaganza, if you’re putting it together, you’ve got to look like the life of the party. Hosting is all about feeling comfortable and confident so that you can focus all your energy on keeping the party alive.

For the girl that’s always hosting the next shindig, we’ve got the perfect denim shorts look for you.

They’re simple enough so you don’t feel like all eyes are on you… even though they probably are. They have a touch of fun whether in a tie waist detail or a colored denim that make it seem like this perfect event was just thrown together, when really you’ve been planning all week.

Tell me you don’t need these shorts:

womens green denim shorts

For the Simple Sally:

There is nothing wrong with wanting a classic.

If you’re like most of us, you need a go-to pair of shorts that you can wear every other day during the summer when you’re not at one of these special events.

These shorts are for the simplistic. Those who don’t want to stand out in a crowd, but rather quietly impress with their effortless style. 

These jean shorts match with absolutely everything, and generally work for most summer activities you’ll be participating in. Of course we think you should also splurge on some more exciting additions, but if you don’t have a pair of these classics first, they should be the top of your list!

Rolled or cut-off, light or dark, take your pick: 

Whatever you see yourself doing this summer, make sure your wardrobe is equipt! Checkout these looks and tons more, at Anchor Chief where we’ve got the perfect denim shorts for any occasion.