Birkenstock's Big Comeback

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The Birk Life

Maybe the Birk life chose you. Maybe you are thinking about choosing the Birk life. Or maybe you’re just curious as to why everyone you know is suddenly repping these “hippie” shoes?


The love for Birkenstock Sandals is uniting people around the world. Birkenstocks are found on the feet of people of all ages. Whether you’re backpacking through Europe, heading to the beach or just running errands, Birkenstocks have your back.


Birkenstock's Big Comeback 

So you might be asking yourself, “Why do people LOVE these shoes?”


Well, lots of reasons. Personally, we love Birkenstock Sandals because of their rich history, serious comfort, and the animal-friendly production process.


Quick History Lesson 

Here’s a quick history lesson so you’ll be prepared the next time your friends ask you about your Birkenstock Sandals.


It all started in 1774, when Johann Adam Birkenstock started the family business by becoming a registered cobbler in Germany. Then, in 1896, Johann’s grandson, Konrad, developed a concept that changed the literal shape of footwear. At the time, everyone was making flat shoes. But Konrad had the idea of making the insoles of shoes curved, like our feet! Genius. From then on, this technique continued to be perfected within the family business.


Flash forward to the 1960’s, when the famous Birkenstock sandal was born. In the United States Birkenstock Sandals exploded in the 70’s and 80’s and continues to march on today (Birkenstock).


The longevity and consistency of this brand is truly remarkable. Through years of diligence and hard work the Birkenstock family has brought comfort to millions.


Birkenstock sandals for women

Foot Healthy Comfort Shoes

You buy comfort food, why not comfort shoes?


Birkenstocks were never trying to be fashion forward, they just are. Birkenstocks were created as foot healthy comfort shoes and have even been recommended to some by their doctors. These shoes are designed to encourage and support healthy walking habits.


The more you walk, the better they look. Birkenstocks look even better when they are worn in! The wear and tear of adventure gives each pair of sandals a unique personality. If cared for properly, one pair could last you a lifetime!


Anchor Chief, Arizona Birkenstock SandalBirkenstock Boston Style, Anchor ChiefBirkenstock Sandals, Madrid Style

Birkenstock Voted World’s Most Animal Friendly Shoe Company 

In 1990 Birkenstock production expanded and was modernized, reducing energy consumption by over 90% (Birkenstock). Throughout time Birkenstock has continued to make improvements to become even more environmentally friendly, just like the majority of their customers.


Birkenstock has received multiple awards from animal rights organizations regarding their vegan products used in production including, “World’s Most Animal Friendly Shoes Company” by PETA. As the demand has grown, Birkenstock continues to add more animal-friendly options to its Vegan Collection.


The Birkenstock commitment is to produce animal-friendly footwear that is ecologically-sound with sustainable materials.


Let the Shoes Do the Talking

Try out the famous animal-friendly, foot healthy, durable Birkenstock Sandals for yourself. Let the shoes do the talking while you do the walking.


Birkenstock Clogs and Sandals are sold at Anchor Chief in whatever style and color you heart desires. Available for men, women and children.


Give your feet a little reward for all of their hard work.

Rose Birkenstock Sandals for womenBirkenstock Arizona Sandal, all black, water resistantBirkenstock Sandals, Kairo BF Nubuck

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